Our Story



Situated in the heart of the Appalachian coalfields in Raleigh, West Virginia, Black Gold Coal Crafts was originally established in the 1970s and produced small trinkets and souvenirs from the natural resource of coal.


Today, Black Gold Coal Crafts manufactures wall art, decor, and custom signage from coal. We started with the outline of the State of West Virginia for a wall art piece, and it grew from there. We obtained our license from the NCAA to be able to use the Flying WV on our coal products and from that point on our success and exposure began to take place. We truly are proud to utilize coal’s natural beauty and transform it into unique gifts.

Our process involves combining pulverized coal with our bonding and hardening agents before molding each piece into the quality products that we offer. Afterwards, each piece is finished with a proprietary coal urethane coating. The end result is beautifully crafted products made from authentic coal that will last for generations.
We look forward to having you as our customer and truly believe that anyone with an appreciation for coal mining and it’s culture will enjoy the unique product line we offer. We are also proud to offer custom products in quantity lots to anyone wishing to have their own ideas transformed into coal.